René Binkert: Katalogdaten im Frühjahrssemester 2019

NameHerr René Binkert
Binkert Consulting
Graham Bell Strasse 2
4153 Reinach BL
Telefon061 271 60 75
Fax061 271 60 74
DepartementManagement, Technologie und Ökonomie

363-1117-00LFactory Planning and Design1 KP1GR. Binkert, T. Netland
KurzbeschreibungThe planning and design of factories and warehouses is a central activity for any manufacturer and logistics service provider. A factory is much more than just a building or a working space. Factory planning and design is a strategic task that will have a long-lasting effect on a business’ ability to create value. Many aspects must be carefully considered.
LernzielAfter completing this course:
1. Students will be able to participate in projects for factory planning and design.
2. Students can identify the issues and difficulties which may emerge in factory planning and design.
3. Students can explain and apply the methods to plan and design a factory.
4. Students can differentiate the various technologies of materials handling systems.
5. Students can outline the basic factors to be considered when planning a new factory.
6. Students have a basic understanding of the tasks and how to face them when a new factory and its systems are being built and put into operation.