Max W. Schmidt: Course units in Spring Semester 2018

Name Prof. Dr. Max W. Schmidt
Inst. für Geochemie und Petrologie
ETH Zürich, NW E 81.1
Clausiusstrasse 25
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 79 88
Fax+41 44 632 16 36
DepartmentEarth Sciences
RelationshipFull Professor

651-0254-00LSeminar Geochemistry and Petrology0 credits2SO. Bachmann, C. A. Heinrich, M. W. Schmidt, M. Schönbächler, D. Vance
651-1091-00LColloquium Department Earth Sciences0 credits2KM. W. Schmidt
651-3002-01LEarth Science Excursions I Information 1 credit2PM. W. Schmidt, P. Brack, A. Gilli, S. Heuberger, N. Mancktelow, E. Reusser
651-3503-00LMagmatism and Metamorphose II
Dieser Kurs ersetzt 651-3503-00 Gesteinsmetamorphose. Sofern Gesteinsmetamorphose absolviert wurde, darf Magmatismus und Metamorphose II nicht absolviert werden.
4 credits2V + 1UP. Ulmer, M. W. Schmidt
651-3600-00LMicroscopy of Rocks Fundamentals Restricted registration - show details
Only for Earth Sciences BSc, Programme Regulations 2016.

Course with required attendance. Unexcused absence can lead to exclusion from the course.
2 credits2PM. W. Schmidt, M. G. Fellin, P. Nievergelt
651-3602-00LMicroscopy of Rocks
This course is only for Earth Sciences BSc students ETH from fourth semester onwards (Regl 2010) and for Earth System Sciences BSc students of UZH (if places available).

BSc students Earth Sciences (BSc regl 2016) must register for the new microscopy course (651-3600-00L).

Course with required attendance. Unexcused absence can lead to exclusion from the course.
3 credits2PM. W. Schmidt, M. G. Fellin, N. Mancktelow, P. Nievergelt, V. Picotti
651-3684-00LGeological Field Course III: Crystalline Rocks Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 40.

BSc Geography and Earth System Sciences students UZH may attend this field course at full costs.
3 credits4PM. W. Schmidt, E. Reusser, P. Ulmer