Laurent Stalder: Course units in Autumn Semester 2021

Award: The Golden Owl
Name Prof. Dr. Laurent Stalder
FieldTheory of Architecture
I. f. Geschichte/Theorie der Arch.
ETH Zürich, HIL E 64.3
Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5
8093 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 633 76 63
RelationshipFull Professor

052-0803-00LHistory and Theory of Architecture I Information 2 credits2V + 2UT. Avermaete, M. Delbeke, L. Stalder, H. Teerds, P. Ursprung
052-0805-00LHistory and Theory of Architecture III Information 2 credits2VL. Stalder
052-0813-21LHistory, Criticism and Theory in Architecture: Things of Postmodernity Information 2 credits2SD. Spina, L. Stalder
052-0815-21LSeminar Architectural Criticism: The Other Institution, Part II (A. Stahl) Information 2 credits2GA. Stahl, L. Stalder, V. Vilardebo Sacchetti
052-0817-21LTheory of Architecture: What Drawings Did and Do Information Restricted registration - show details
The course is limited to 24 students.
2 credits2SC. Brothers, L. Stalder
052-0833-21LPhD Teaching: Beijing to Baghdad - Commons/Communism/Communalism Information 2 credits3SL. Stalder, F. Mari
052-0839-21LParticular Questions in Architectural Theory: Pressure Points - The Subjects of Race and Feminism Information 2 credits2SR. Choi, L. Stalder
052-0851-21LTopical Questions in History and Theory of Architecture: Gendering History. Women Travellers Information 2 credits2SA. Hultzsch, L. Stalder
064-0005-21LAdvanced Topics in History and Theory of Architecture: Entry Points - Reading Seminar Information
For Architecture doctoral program only.
1 credit1KP. Ursprung, T. Avermaete, M. Delbeke, L. Stalder