Kurosch Thuro: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2021

Name Prof. Dr. Kurosch Thuro
(Professor Technische Universität München (TUM))
Consultation hoursBy appointment
Lehrstuhl für Ingenieurgeologie
Arcisstrasse 21
Technische Universität München
80290 München
Telephone+49 89 289 25851
Fax+49 89 289 25852
DepartmentEarth Sciences

651-4064-00LEngineering Geological Field Course I (Soils) Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 20.
3 credits6PK. Thuro
AbstractApplication of geotechnical soil classification techniques in outcrops and core samples, including geomorphological and geological field mapping. Imparts knowledge for an understanding of Quarternary processes and their consequences on building (under)ground.
Supplements lectures in soil mechanics and geological site investigation techniques.
Objectivea) Students are able to perform a geotechnical characterization of soils according to international standards.
b) Students are able to identify different types of soils in samples and in the field. They can interprete geological origin, formation and history of different soil types.
c) Students are able to recognize geomorphological structures in the field and analyze their geological formation.
d) Students can present their research results in an appropriate way (written and oral).
ContentThe course starts with an introduction lecture on soil classification (USCS and Swiss standards), field testing and sampling techniques, borehole logging, mapping techniques and Quaternary geology of Zurich. The main part is an extensive field course which includes a quarry mapping exercise, borhole logging and field maping by geomorphlogical features. Student teams get a mandate for geotechnical investigations on a certain question and have to write a report about their findings. Teaching in the field will primarily consist in guiding the students in their mapping work. Subsequently, the field and laboratory data is analyzed by the students.
Lecture notesCourse notes and field manual. All documents will be made available from the web.
LiteratureKNAPPETT, J. & CRAIG, R.F. (2019): Craig's Soil Mechanics. - 600 p., 9th ed., London, New York (CRC Press).
LANG, H.-J., HUDER, J.,AMAN, P. & PUZRIN, A.M. (2011): Bodenmechanik und Grundbau. Das Verhalten von Böden und die wichtigsten grundbaulichen Konzepte. - 336 p., 9. Aufl., Berlin (Springer).
Prerequisites / NoticeOther necessary equipment or material:
Geological field equipment: Geologic compass, GPS receiver, soil hammer, field notebook (water resistant), field bag, coloured pencils, felt tipped pens (permanent), hand lens, straight edge (scale), meter, tri-angle, tracing paper, hydrochloric acid (in small bottle), string, computer notebook for report preparation

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