Roland Müller: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2019

Award: The Golden Owl
Name Dr. Roland Müller
Dep. Gesundheitswiss. und Technol.
ETH Zürich, HCP H 25.3
Leopold-Ruzicka-Weg 4
8093 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 58 76
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology

376-0004-00LIntroduction to Health Sciences and Technology II Restricted registration - show details 2 credits2VR. Müller
AbstractIntroduction to the five majors of the curriculum based on typical research questions: Human Movement Science and Sport, Medical Technology, Molecular Health Sciences, Neurosciences, and Human Health, Nutrition and Environment. Outline of different job opportunities in biomedical science, medical engineering, health promotion and other areas.
ObjectiveStudents will learn about real research processes and job opportunities in the area of Health Sciences and Technology.
376-0004-01LLab Introduction to Health Sciences and Technology Restricted registration - show details
Only for Health Sciences and Technology BSc.
2 credits2PR. Müller, R. Riener, C. Wolfrum
AbstractSelected experiments in the area of health sciences and technology as introduction to scientific working.
ObjectiveStudents should understand the methods of scientific working which they will apply in various experiments.