Özlem Imamoglu: Courses in Autumn Semester 2019

Name Prof. Dr. Özlem Imamoglu
Dep. Mathematik
ETH Zürich, HG G 37.3
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 79 24
RelationshipAdjunct Professor

401-2000-00LScientific Works in Mathematics
Target audience:
Third year Bachelor students;
Master students who cannot document to have received an adequate training in working scientifically.
0 credits
401-2000-00 VScientific Works in Mathematics
Groups are selected in myStudies.
This mandatory course is offered twice per semester.
Carry your ETH student card with you to prove your identity.
1s hrs
25.09.18:15-19:00HG E 1.2 »
11.12.18:15-19:00HG E 1.2 »
Ö. Imamoglu
401-3114-69LIntroduction to Algebraic Number Theory Information 8 credits3V + 1U
401-3114-69 VIntroduction to Algebraic Number Theory3 hrs
Tue09:15-10:00HG D 1.1 »
Thu10:15-12:00HG D 1.1 »
Ö. Imamoglu
401-3114-69 UIntroduction to Algebraic Number Theory
Groups are selected in myStudies.
Mon 15-16 or Mon 16-17 or Tue 14-15 (the exercise class on Tuesday starts on 22 October)
1 hrs
Mon15:15-16:00ML J 34.3 »
16:15-17:00ML J 34.3 »
Tue14:15-15:00HG G 26.1 »
Ö. Imamoglu
401-5110-00LNumber Theory Seminar Information 0 credits1K
401-5110-00 KNumber Theory Seminar1 hrs
Fri14:15-15:00HG G 43 »
Ö. Imamoglu, P. S. Jossen, E. Kowalski, P. D. Nelson, R. Pink, G. Wüstholz