Nino Künzli: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2020

Name Dr. Nino Künzli
Hirschengraben 82
8001 Zürich
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology

377-0666-00LPublic Health is Everywhere Restricted registration - show details 1 credit1.5KF. Gille, C. Brall, N. Künzli
AbstractThis series of lectures and discussions introduces prime and controversial topics of public health sciences.
ObjectiveStudents will be able to reflect on current challenges of public health and discuss them in the light of evidence and methods of public health sciences.
ContentEach week, an expert talk (30 min) is followed by a moderated discussion. Presented topics include clean air, dementia, cancer surveillance, public health and tobacco law, genetics, and other socially relevant health topics. Participating twice as a panel is required to complete the course. E