Andreas Schenk: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2020

NameHerr Prof. em. Dr. Andreas Schenk
LehrgebietPhysik und Modellierung mikroelektronischer Bauelemente
Institut für Integrierte Systeme
ETH Zürich, ETZ J 91
Gloriastrasse 35
8092 Zürich
DepartementInformationstechnologie und Elektrotechnik
BeziehungTitularprofessor im Ruhestand

227-0157-00LSemiconductor Devices: Physical Bases and Simulation Information 4 KP3GA. Schenk
KurzbeschreibungThe course addresses the physical principles of modern semiconductor devices and the foundations of their modeling and numerical simulation. Necessary basic knowledge on quantum-mechanics, semiconductor physics and device physics is provided. Computer simulations of the most important devices and of interesting physical effects supplement the lectures.
LernzielThe course aims at the understanding of the principle physics of modern semiconductor devices, of the foundations in the physical modeling of transport and its numerical simulation. During the course also basic knowledge on quantum-mechanics, semiconductor physics and device physics is provided.
InhaltThe main topics are: transport models for semiconductor devices (quantum transport, Boltzmann equation, drift-diffusion model, hydrodynamic model), physical characterization of silicon (intrinsic properties, scattering processes), mobility of cold and hot carriers, recombination (Shockley-Read-Hall statistics, Auger recombination), impact ionization, metal-semiconductor contact, metal-insulator-semiconductor structure, and heterojunctions.
The exercises are focussed on the theory and the basic understanding of the operation of special devices, as single-electron transistor, resonant tunneling diode, pn-diode, bipolar transistor, MOSFET, and laser. Numerical simulations of such devices are performed with an advanced simulation package (Sentaurus-Synopsys). This enables to understand the physical effects by means of computer experiments.
SkriptThe script (in book style) can be downloaded from:
LiteraturThe script (in book style) is sufficient. Further reading will be recommended in the lecture.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesQualifications: Physics I+II, Semiconductor devices (4. semester).
227-0659-00LIntegrated Systems Seminar Information 1 KP1SA. Schenk
KurzbeschreibungIn the "Fachseminar IIS" the students learn to communicate topics, ideas or problems of scientific research by listening to more experienced authors and by presenting scientific work in a conference-like situation for a specific audience.
LernzielThe seminar aims at instructing graduate and PhD students in the basics of presentation techniques, i.e. "how to give a professional talk". Attendees have the possibility to become acquainted with a current topic by a literature study, and to present the results thereof in a 20 minutes talk in English. The participation at the seminar gives also an overview on current problems in modern nano- and opto-electronics.
InhaltThe seminar topics' are simulation of nanoelectronic processes and devices, and the optical as well as electronical simulation of optoelectronic devices as lasers, photodiodes, etc.

The studens learn how to find the right literature for a certain topic quickly, as well as how to prepare a talk for a scientific conference, i.e. presentation techniques.
SkriptPresentation material