Christian-Thomas Monn: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2019

Name Dr. Christian-Thomas Monn
FieldLuftschadstoffe und Gesundheit
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

701-0662-00LEnvironmental Impacts, Threshold Levels and Health Effects Information 3 credits2VC.‑T. Monn, M. Brink
AbstractEnvironmental impacts on human health and well-being will be discussed. Concepts and methods for exposure measurements and assessments will be shown. In the first part of the semester, air pollutants (for example for ozone, and fine particles).
In the second part, noise, its effects and control, will be covered.
Objective- to understand the basic concepts of an exposure assessment (air, noise)
- to know methods used in health effect research
- to know criteria and methods for setting threshold levels
ContentAir Pollutants
- sources of pollutants (indoors and outdoors)
- concepts of an exposure assessment
- measurement methods for gases and particles
- health effect of pollutants (methods, most important pollutants, such as fine particles and ozone)

- Introduction to acoustics, Measurement, Hearing
- Auditory processing
- Exposure assessment of noise
- Noise effects, Exposure-effect relationships
- Basics of noise control and abatement, exposure limits
- Noise abatement policy
Lecture notesPresentations (ppt, pdf) will be sent by email.
Literaturesee references in the scripts.