Michael Weber: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2017

Name Dr. Michael Weber
Konradsweg 45
8832 Wilen b. Wollerau
Telephone055 420 41 68
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

751-2205-00LAdvanced Management in the Agri-Food-Chain2 credits2GM. Weber
AbstractAdvanced Management in the Agri-Food-Chain
(Vorlesung wird in deutscher Sprache abgehalten.)
ObjectiveAfter the lecture the students ...
... know the characteristics and consequences of complexity in the organizational world,
... know and can apply selected comprehensive models for managing in complex situations,
... know possible practical applications and examples of the treated contents to organizations in the Agri-Food Chain and
... are able to deepen the relevant topics in an autonomous way.
ContentIn the lecture the following contents will be treated:
- State, reasons and effects of complexity in the organizational world.
- A basic framework for shaping and governing intelligent organizations.
- Selected contemporary models for managing in the complex organizational world.
- Transfer and adaption of the models to organizations in the Agri-Food Chain.
Lecture notesReader with selected contents.
Prerequisites / Notice- Vorlesung "Management in the Agri-Food Chain" in D-USYS