Emmanuel Baltsavias: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2020

Name Dr. Emmanuel Baltsavias
I. f. Geodäsie u. Photogrammetrie
ETH Zürich, HIL D 43.1
Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5
8093 Zürich
DepartmentCivil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

103-0128-00LRemote Sensing Lab Restricted registration - show details 4 credits2GE. Baltsavias
AbstractThis course focuses mainly on photogrammetric processing and classification of optical and especially multispectral satellite images with practical work and own programming.
ObjectiveThe aims of this course are:
- the main aim is practical photogrammetric processing and classification of optical and especially multispectral satellite images using mostly own programming in MATLAB and less commercial software tools.
- some theoretical background will be provided, in addition to other ETHZ courses mentioned below (mainly given in Bachelor).
- further developing skills in report writing and presentations.
ContentThe lecture builds on the courses Erdbeobachtung (Earth Observation), Photogrammetrie, Photogrammetrie II, Image Interpretation and Bildverarbeitung (Image Processing). The focus is on practical work and use of programs with optical satellite data.

The work is composed of two large labs. In the first, the main photogrammetric processing chain from preprocessing to visualisation is treated. In the second, the focus is on various multispectral classification techniques and their comparison.
Lecture notesTeaching material will be made available on the dedicated moodle page.
Prerequisites / NoticePersons without sufficient knowledge of remote sensing, photogrammetry and image processing, should first contact the lecturer and get permission to attend the course. Students should preferably have a basic knowledge of MATLAB programming or being willing to acquire it through self-study.
103-0265-00LPhotogrammetry II Information 2 credits2GK. Schindler, E. Baltsavias
AbstractThis course covers advanced topics of aerial photogrammetry not treated in the basic course "Photogrammetrie".
ObjectiveUnderstanding and application of the complete photogrammetric processing chain from flight planning through to orthophoto generation and 3D object reconstruction.
ContentAufbauend auf der Lehrveranstaltung "Photogrammetrie" werden in der Vorlesung die noch fehlenden Inhalte fuer das volle Verstaendnis der Luftbildphotogrammetrie vermittelt, insbesondere, die Buendelausgleichung, digitale Gelaendemodellierung und Laser-scanning.
LiteratureVorgeschlagene Textbuecher:
- Wolfgang Foerstner and Bernahrd Wrobel: Photogrammetric Computer Vision, Springer, 2016
- Thomas Luhmann: Nahbereichsphotogrammetrie. Grundlagen, Methoden, Beispiele, Wichmann Verlag, 4. Auflage 2018
- Richard Hartley and Andrew Zisserman: Multiple View Geometry, Cambridge University Press; 2. Auflage 2004
Prerequisites / NoticeVoraussetzung fuer den Kurs ist die Grundlagenvorlesungen "Photogrammetrie", oder ein aequivalenter Kurs an anderen Departmenten oder Universitaeten. Studierende, die keinen entsprechenden Kurs besucht haben, kontaktieren bitte unbedingt die Dozierenden, bevor sie sich anmelden.