Bernhard Wehrli: Course units in Autumn Semester 2021

Name Prof. em. Dr. Bernhard Wehrli
FieldAquatische Chemie
Prof.f. Aquatische Chemie
Seestrasse 79
6047 Kastanienbaum
Telephone+41 41 361 18 56
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science
RelationshipProfessor emeritus

751-5005-00LAgroecology and the Transition to Sustainable Food Systems2 credits2GM. Sonnevelt, M. Grant, S. E. Ulbrich, B. Wehrli
860-0012-00LCooperation and Conflict Over International Water Resources Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 40.
Priority for Science, Technology, and Policy MSc.

This is a research seminar at the Master level. PhD students are also welcome.
3 credits2SB. Wehrli, T. Bernauer, E. Calamita, T. U. Siegfried
860-0012-01LCooperation and Conflict Over International Water Resources, In-Depth Case Study Restricted registration - show details
Only for Science, Technology, and Policy MSc and PhD students.

Prerequisite: you have to be enrolled in 860-0012-00L during the same semester.
3 credits2AB. Wehrli, T. Bernauer