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Integrated Building Systems Master Information
Main Courses
Specialised Courses
363-1060-00LStrategies for Sustainable Business Restricted registration - show details
Limited number of participants.

Registration will only be effective once confirmed by email from the organizers.
W2 credits2SJ. Meuer
252-0220-00LIntroduction to Machine Learning Information Restricted registration - show details
Limited number of participants. Preference is given to students in programmes in which the course is being offered. All other students will be waitlisted. Please do not contact Prof. Krause for any questions in this regard. If necessary, please contact
W8 credits4V + 2U + 1AA. Krause, F. Yang
151-0306-00LVisualization, Simulation and Interaction - Virtual Reality I Information W4 credits4GA. Kunz
063-0610-00LThe Digital in Architecture Information
This core course (ends with «00L») can only be passed once! Please check this before signing up.

ITA Pool information event on the offered courses:
10.2.2021, 10-11 h, ONLINE, VideoZoom Link:
W2 credits1V + 2UF. Gramazio, M. Kohler
376-1178-00LHuman Factors IIW3 credits2VM. Menozzi Jäckli, R. Huang, M. Siegrist
101-0523-00LIndustrialized Construction Restricted registration - show details W4 credits3GD. Hall
063-0640-00LAdvanced Computational Design Information
This core course (ends with «00L») can only be passed once! Please check this before signing up.

ITA Pool information event on the offered courses:
10.2.2021, 10-11 h, ONLINE, VideoZoom Link:
W3 credits3GB. Dillenburger
103-0448-01LTransformation of Urban Landscapes
Only for masters students, otherwise a special permit of the lecturer is necessary.
W3 credits2GJ. Van Wezemael, A. Gonzalez Martinez
052-0568-00LRoom Acoustics (FS) Information
This course (ends with «00L») can only be passed once! Please check this before signing up.
W2 credits2GK. Eggenschwiler
252-3900-00LBig Data for Engineers Information
This course is not intended for Computer Science and Data Science MSc students!
W6 credits2V + 2U + 1AG. Fourny
051-0912-21LSeminar Week Spring Semester 2021 Information Restricted registration - show details
Reservation required until 12.3.21! Further information see course description.
W2 credits3ALecturers
052-0638-21LBuilding Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) - Workshop Information Restricted registration - show details
Only for BSc students from 5th/6th semester and MSc students.
W2 credits3GA. Schlüter
101-0521-10LMachine Learning for Predictive Maintenance Applications Restricted registration - show details
The number of participants in the course is limited to 25 students.

Students interested in attending the lecture are requested to upload their transcript and a short motivation responding the following two questions (max. 200 words):
-How does this course fit to the other courses you have attended so far?
-How does the course support you in achieving your goal?
The following link can be used to upload the documents.
W8 credits4GO. Fink
101-0526-00LIntroduction to Visual Machine Perception for Architecture, Construction and Facility Management Information W3 credits2GI. Armeni
Project Courses
363-1056-00LInnovation Leadership Restricted registration - show details
MIBS: This course must be taken in the first year of coursework.

Up to four slots are available for students in architecture or civil engineering (Master level) or for D-MTEC MAS/MSc students with architecture or civil engineering background.

If you are NOT a student in Integrated Building Systems, you need to apply with motivation letter (max. 1 page), CV and a transcript of records no later than 31.01.2021. Please send your application to Jan Richner (
W6 credits3SD. Laureiro Martinez, A. Deréky, C. P. Siegenthaler
Semester Project
066-0431-00LSemester Project MIBS Restricted registration - show details
Semester projects are supervised and reviewed by one or several professors and possibly by other persons at the same time. At least one professor has to be a member of a department involved in the study programme (article 2). This regulation is also valid for semester projects taking place outside ETH Zurich.
MIBS: The semester project can commence only after the first year of coursework is completed.

You can choose the mentoring professor of your semester project MBS:
Guillaume HABERT
Daniel HALL
Kristina SHEA
O6 credits13AProfessors
GESS Science in Perspective
» see Science in Perspective: Type A: Enhancement of Reflection Capability
» Recommended Science in Perspective (Type B) for D-ARCH.
» see Science in Perspective: Language Courses ETH/UZH
363-0532-00LEconomics of Sustainable DevelopmentW3 credits2VL. Bretschger
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