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Management, Technology and Economics Master Information
Recommended Elective Courses
363-0881-00LSemester Project Small Restricted registration - show details W3 credits6AProfessors
363-1038-00LSustainability Start-Up Seminar Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30.
W3 credits2GA.‑K. Zobel, A. H. Sägesser
363-1029-00LSustainability & Financial Markets Restricted registration - show details
Limited number of participants.

Credit points will awarded for attending all course days.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of corporate sustainability (see lecture Prof. Hoffmann, autumn semester) and interest in financial markets and investments.
W2 credits2GT. O. Busch
363-1091-00LSocial Data ScienceW3 credits2GD. Garcia Becerra
363-1030-00LDigital Entrepreneurship Sprint Restricted registration - show details
Does not take place this semester.
To guarantee a high standard of entrepreneurial thinking students, we require a letter of motivation which should describe your business idea or the entrepreneurial motivation. Interested students send their letter of motivation together with their CV via E-Mail to Jana Thiel
W3 credits2GB. Clarysse
363-1098-00LBusiness Analytics
Students from the MAS MTEC are not applicable for this course and are kindly asked to enroll in the course "Executive Business Analytics (365-1120-00L)" instead.
W3 credits1GS. Feuerriegel
363-1070-00LCyber SecurityW3 credits2GS. Frei
363-1076-00LDiffusion of Clean TechnologiesW3 credits2GB. Girod, C. Knöri
363-1056-00LInnovation Leadership Restricted registration - show details
Up to four slots are available for students in architecture or civil engineering (Master level) or for D-MTEC MAS/MSc students with architecture or civil engineering background.

If you are NOT a student in Integrated Building Systems, you need to apply with motivation letter (max. 1 page), CV and a transcript of records no later than 31 January 2020. Please send your application to Zorica Zagorac (
W6 credits3SD. Laureiro Martinez, C. P. Siegenthaler, Z. Zagorac-Uremovic
363-1084-00LEntrepreneurial Investments Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 50.
W3 credits2GF. Hashemi
363-1066-00LDesigning Effective Projects for Promoting Health@Work Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30.
W3 credits2GG. Bauer, R. Brauchli, G. J. Jenny
363-1101-00LInformation Technologies in Production and Operations Management
Does not take place this semester.
Prerequisite: successfully completed course ahead 363-0445-00L Production and Operations Management.
W1 credit1GT. Netland
363-1103-00LLean Startup Academy – From Idea to Startup Restricted registration - show details
More information & application process via
W3 credits2GD. Hengartner
376-1178-00LHuman Factors IIW3 credits2VM. Menozzi Jäckli, R. Huang, M. Siegrist
363-1100-00LRisk Case Study Challenge Restricted registration - show details
Does not take place this semester.
W3 credits2SA. Bommier, S. Feuerriegel
860-0015-00LSupply and Responsible Use of Mineral Resources I Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2GB. Wehrli, F. Brugger, K. Dolejs Schlöglova, S. Hellweg, C. Karydas
363-1095-00LCommercializing Science and Technology Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2GJ. Thiel
363-1043-00LMarketing AnalyticsW3 credits2SS. Tillmanns
363-1117-00LFactory Planning and DesignW3 credits3GR. Binkert, T. Netland
363-1114-00LIntroduction to Risk Modelling and ManagementW3 credits2VB. J. Bergmann, D. N. Bresch, J. Teichmann
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