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Health Sciences and Technology Master Information
Major in Human Movement Science and Sport
Elective Courses II
376-1720-00LApplication of MATLAB in the Human Movement SciencesW2 credits2G
376-1720-00 GApplication of MATLAB in the Human Movement Sciences2 hrs
Tue08:15-10:00HG E 22 »
R.  van de Langenberg
376-1722-00LSpinal Cord Injury and Exercise
Prerequisite: Anatomy and Physiology
W2 credits2V
376-1722-00 VParaplegie und Sport2 hrs
Tue13:15-15:00CHN E 42 »
C. Perret
376-1974-00LColloquium in Biomechanics Information W2 credits2K
376-1974-00 KColloquium in Biomechanics2 hrs
Wed08:15-10:00HG D 3.2 »
B. Helgason, S. J. Ferguson, R. Müller, J. G. Snedeker, B. Taylor, K. Würtz-Kozak, M. Zenobi-Wong
376-1985-00LTrauma BiomechanicsW4 credits2V + 1U
376-1985-00 VTrauma Biomechanics2 hrs
Thu10:15-12:00HG D 7.2 »
K.‑U. Schmitt, M. H. Muser
376-1985-00 UTrauma Biomechanics1 hrs
Thu/2w13:15-15:00HG E 33.3 »
K.‑U. Schmitt, M. H. Muser
376-2017-00LBiomechanics of Sports Injuries and RehabilitationW3 credits2V
376-2017-00 VBiomechanik von Sportverletzungen und Rehabilitation2 hrs
Mon15:15-17:00HG D 5.2 »
K.‑U. Schmitt, J. Goldhahn
376-2019-00LApplied Movement Analysis Information W2 credits2G
376-2019-00 GAngewandte Bewegungsanalyse2 hrs
Tue09:45-11:30HPS D 29 »
R. Scharpf, S. Lorenzetti
551-1153-00LSystems Biology of Metabolism
Number of participants limited to 15.
W4 credits2V
551-1153-00 VSystems Biology of Metabolism2 hrs
Mon09:45-11:30HPL D 34 »
U. Sauer, N. Zamboni, M. Zampieri
752-6105-00LEpidemiology and Prevention
Information for UZH students:
Enrolment to this course unit only possible at ETH. No enrolment to module CS16_101 at UZH.

Please mind the ETH enrolment deadlines for UZH students: Link
W3 credits2V
752-6105-00 VEpidemiology and Prevention
**gemeinsam mit der Uni Zürich**
2 hrs
Wed10:15-12:00LFO C 13 »
M. Puhan, R. Heusser
752-6151-00LPublic Health ConceptsW3 credits2V
752-6151-00 VPublic Health Concepts2 hrs
Mon13:15-15:00LFW C 1 »
R. Heusser
752-6403-00LNutrition and PerformanceW2 credits2V
752-6403-00 VNutrition and Performance2 hrs
Thu13:15-15:00ML H 44 »
15.12.13:15-15:00HG E 7 »
S. Mettler, M. B. Zimmermann
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