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Agricultural Sciences Bachelor Information
Agricultural Sciences Disciplines
Agricultural Economics
751-2312-00LAgricultural PolicyO3 credits2VR. Huber
751-1101-10LFinances and Accounting SystemW2 credits2GC. Müller
751-1304-00LManagement for Enterprises in the Agri-Food-Chain Information W+2 credits2VM. Weber
751-1560-00LProduction, Investment and Risk Management in AgricultureW+3 credits2VR. Finger
751-1500-00LDevelopment EconomicsW+3 credits2VI. Günther, K. Harttgen
751-1552-00LAgrarian Resource and Environmental Economics Information W+2 credits2VW. Hediger
363-0570-00LPrinciples of Econometrics
Prerequisites: previous knowledge in economics.
W+3 credits2GJ.‑E. Sturm, A. Beerli
752-2121-00LConsumer Behaviour IIW+2 credits2GM. Siegrist, J. Ammann
Plant Sciences
751-4513-00LCrop Health: Plant PathologyO1 credit1VB. McDonald
751-4107-00LProduction of Crops and Forage, Including Aspects of Herbology and Plant TaxonomyO4 credits4GA. Walter, U. J. Haas, S. Hassold, V. Klaus, A. Lüscher, W. Richner, B. Streit
751-4514-00LCrop Health: EntomologyO2 credits2GC. De Moraes, M. Greeff
751-4002-00LGrassland Systems Information W+2 credits2GN. Buchmann
751-4505-00LPlant Pathology IIW+2 credits2GB. McDonald
751-3402-00LPlant Nutrition II - Integrated Nutrient Management Restricted registration - show details
Only for Students in BSc/MSc Agricultural Sciences and Students in MSc Environmental or Food Sciences.
Number of participants limited to 40.
W+2 credits2VA. Oberson Dräyer
751-3500-00LPlant BreedingW+2 credits2VA. Hund, R. Kölliker
Animal Sciences
751-6301-00LAnimal BreedingO2 credits2VS. Neuenschwander
751-7002-00LBasics in Animal NutritionO2 credits2VM. A. Boessinger, M. Kreuzer
751-6102-00LAnatomy and Physiology of Man and Animals IIO2 credits2GS. E. Ulbrich, A. Grahofer, S. Thanner
751-7400-00LAnimal HealthW+2 credits2VA. Grahofer
751-7500-00LApplied Ethology and Animal WelfareW+2 credits2VS. Goumon
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