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Biology Master Information
Elective Major Subject Areas
Elective Major: Structural Biology and Biophysics
Compulsory Concept Courses
551-0307-00LMolecular and Structural Biology I: Protein Structure and Function Information
D-BIOL students are obliged to take part I and part II (next semester) as a two-semester course
O3 credits2V
551-0307-00 VMolecular and Structural Biology I: Protein Structure and Function2 hrs
Mon12:45-14:30HCI J 6 »
R. Glockshuber, K. Locher, E. Weber-Ban
Elective Compulsory Concept Courses
See D-BIOL Master Studies Guide
551-0319-00LCellular Biochemistry (Part I) Information W3 credits2V
551-0319-00 VCellular Biochemistry (Part I)2 hrs
Mon14:45-16:30HPM D 7.2 »
U. Kutay, R. I. Enchev, B. Kornmann, M. Peter, I. Zemp, further lecturers
529-0731-00LNucleic Acids and CarbohydratesW6 credits3G
529-0731-00 GNucleic Acids and Carbohydrates
Lecture 2 hours on Tue 9:45-11:30.
Exercises: 1 hour according to agreement, presumably Tue 7:45-8:30 or 8:45-9:30. Exercises will start in the second week of semester.
3 hrs
Tue07:45-08:30HCI D 2 »
08:45-09:30HCI D 2 »
09:45-11:30HCI J 3 »
D. Hilvert, P. A. Kast, S. J. Sturla, H. Wennemers
551-0313-00LMicrobiology (Part I) Information W3 credits2V
551-0313-00 VMicrobiology (Part I)2 hrs
Mon09:45-11:30HCI G 7 »
13.11.09:45-11:30HCI D 8 »
W.‑D. Hardt, L. Eberl, H.‑M. Fischer, J. Piel, M. Pilhofer
551-0309-00LConcepts in Modern GeneticsW6 credits4V
551-0309-00 VConcepts in Modern Genetics
**gemeinsam mit der Uni Zürich**
4 hrs
Mon12:45-14:30HPH G 3 »
Tue08:00-09:45Y15 G 19 »
Y. Barral, D. Bopp, A. Hajnal, M. Stoffel, O. Voinnet
Elective Compulsory Master Courses
529-0733-00LEnzymesW7 credits3G
529-0733-00 GEnzymes
Lecture 2 hours on Monday, 09:45 - 11:30. 1 hour exercise according to agreement.
3 hrs
Mon08:45-09:30HCI H 8.1 »
09:45-11:30HCI J 4 »
Tue11:45-12:30HCI H 2.1 »
D. Hilvert
551-1105-00LGlycobiologyW4 credits2V
551-1105-00 VGlycobiology2 hrs
Thu12:45-14:30HCI D 8 »
M. Aebi, T. Hennet
551-1103-00LMicrobial Biochemistry Information W4 credits2V
551-1103-00 VMicrobial Biochemistry2 hrs
Thu09:45-11:30HCI D 8 »
J. Vorholt-Zambelli, J. Piel
551-1401-00LAdvanced Protein Engineering (University of Zurich) Information
No enrolment to this course at ETH Zurich. Book the corresponding module directly at UZH.
UZH Module Code: BCH420

Restricted to max. 10 students from ETH

Mind the enrolment deadlines at UZH:
W2 credits2G
551-1401-00 GAdvanced Protein Engineering (University of Zurich)
**Course at University of Zurich**
2 hrsA.  Plückthun
551-1153-00LSystems Biology of Metabolism
Number of participants limited to 15.
W4 credits2V
551-1153-00 VSystems Biology of Metabolism2 hrs
Mon09:45-11:30HPL D 34 »
U. Sauer, N. Zamboni, M. Zampieri
529-0004-00LComputer Simulation in Chemistry, Biology and Physics Information W7 credits4G
529-0004-00 GComputer Simulation in Chemistry, Biology and Physics
2 hr lecture + 2 hr exercise session in our computer room; the timing of the exercise sessions will be decided at the semester start together with the students (usually, students can choose between two alternative sessions, either on Tuesdays 7:30-9:30 a.m. or Thursdays 7:45-9:45 a.m.)
4 hrs
Tue09:45-11:30HCI D 2 »
P. H. Hünenberger
401-0649-00LApplied Statistical RegressionW5 credits2V + 1U
401-0649-00 VApplied Statistical Regression2 hrs
Mon08:15-10:00HG E 1.2 »
M. Dettling
401-0649-00 UApplied Statistical Regression
Mon 10-12 might not work for all different programmes where this course is offered. On sufficient demand, other slots (tentatively Mon 15-17 or Fri 10-12) for the exercise sessions can be offered.
1 hrs
Mon/2w10:15-12:00HG E 1.2 »
25.09.10:15-12:00HG D 7.2 »
M. Dettling
401-6215-00LUsing R for Data Analysis and Graphics (Part I) Information W1.5 credits1G
401-6215-00 GUsing R for Data Analysis and Graphics (Part I)14s hrs
Tue/113:15-15:00CAB G 11 »
A. Drewek, M. Mächler
529-0041-00LModern Mass Spectrometry, Hyphenated Methods, and ChemometricsW6 credits3G
529-0041-00 GModerne Massenspektroskopie, gekoppelte Analysenmethoden, Chemometrie3 hrs
Mon08:45-10:30HCI H 2.1 »
Wed11:45-12:30HCI H 2.1 »
R. Zenobi, M. Badertscher, B. Hattendorf
551-1411-00LMolecular and Structural Biology III: Current Topics Restricted registration - show details
The course will only take place with a minimum of 6 participants.
W2 credits1V
551-1411-00 VMolecular and Structural Biology III: Current Topics1 hrs
Thu15:45-16:30HPK D 3 »
K. Locher, F. Allain, N. Ban, R. Glockshuber, M. Pilhofer, E. Weber-Ban
551-1409-00LRNA Biology Lecture Series II: Non-coding RNAs: Biology and TherapeuticsW4 credits2V
551-1409-00 VRNA Biology Lecture Series II: Non-coding RNAs: Biology and Therapeutics2 hrs
Thu14:45-16:30HCI D 8 »
J. Hall, M. Stoffel, further lecturers
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