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Management, Technologie und Ökonomie Master Information
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363-0404-00LIndustry and Competitive Analysis Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Due to didactic reasons originating from the group-work based approach, the number of participants is limited to 30. First come first served by order of enrollment in myStudies.

Experience in statistical analysis with tools such as SPSS or equivalents is an advantage.
363-0404-00 GIndustry and Competitive Analysis
Bewilligung der Dozierenden für alle Studierenden notwendig.
2 Std.
Do09:15-12:00LEE D 105 »
30.03.09:15-12:00LEE D 105 »
04.05.09:15-12:00WEV F 109 »
V. He
363-0448-00LGlobal Operations StrategyW3 KP3G
363-0448-00 GGlobal Operations Strategy3 Std.
Mi16:15-19:00CAB G 51 »
T. Netland, R. Binkert, P. Schönsleben
363-0452-00LPurchasing and Supply ManagementW3 KP2G
363-0452-00 GPurchasing and Supply Management2 Std.
Do08:15-10:00HG E 1.2 »
S. Wagner
363-0514-00LEnergy Economics and Policy
It is recommended for students to have taken a course in introductory microeconomics. If not, they should be familiar with microeconomics as in, for example,"Microeconomics" by Mankiw & Taylor and the appendices 4 and 7 of the book "Microeconomics" by Pindyck & Rubinfeld.
363-0514-00 GEnergy Economics and Policy2 Std.
Do17:15-19:00HG G 5 »
22.03.14:15-16:00HG E 3 »
26.04.14:15-16:00HG E 3 »
04.05.19:15-20:00HG G 3 »
11.05.19:15-20:00HG G 5 »
18.05.19:15-20:00HG G 3 »
24.05.14:15-16:00HG E 3 »
01.06.17:15-19:00HG E 7 »
M. Filippini
363-0543-00LAgent-Based Modelling of Social Systems Information W3 KP2V + 1U
363-0543-00 VAgent-Based Modelling of Social Systems
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
2 Std.F. Schweitzer
363-0543-00 UAgent-Based Modelling of Social Systems
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
1 Std.F. Schweitzer
363-0552-00LEconomic Growth and Resource UseW3 KP2G
363-0552-00 GEconomic Growth and Resource Use2 Std.
Di13:15-15:00HG D 3.3 »
A. Schäfer
363-0558-00LStrategic and Cooperative Thinking
Vorgängiger Besuch der Lerneinheit 363-0503-00L Principles of Microeconomics wird empfohlen.
363-0558-00 GStrategic and Cooperative Thinking
For any further information after enrolment please contact the teaching assistent Stylianos Papageorgiou (
2 Std.
Di10:15-12:00HG E 1.1 »
O. Tejada Pinyol
363-0564-00LEntrepreneurial RisksW3 KP2G
363-0564-00 GEntrepreneurial Risks2 Std.
Mi15:15-17:00HG E 5 »
17.05.17:15-19:00HG E 7 »
31.05.17:15-19:00HG E 5 »
D. Sornette
363-0584-00LInternational Monetary EconomicsW3 KP2V
363-0584-00 VInternational Monetary Economics2 Std.
Mo14:15-16:00LEE E 101 »
J.‑E. Sturm, J. Kingeski Galimberti
363-0586-00LInternational Economics: Theory of New Trade and Multinational FirmsW3 KP2V
363-0586-00 VInternational Economics: Theory of New Trade and Multinational Firms2 Std.
Mi08:15-10:00LEE C 104 »
P. Egger, B. M. M. Zoller-Rydzek
363-0588-00LComplex Networks Information W4 KP2V + 1U
363-0588-00 VComplex Networks2 Std.
Di10:15-12:00HG E 1.2 »
I. Scholtes
363-0588-00 UComplex Networks1 Std.
Di09:15-10:00HG G 26.1 »
I. Scholtes
363-0792-00LKnowledge Management Information Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen W1 KP2G
363-0792-00 GKnowledge Management
28./29.4.2017, 9-17 h
2 Std.
28.04.09:15-17:00HG E 33.3 »
09:15-17:00HG E 33.5 »
09:15-17:00HG F 26.1 »
29.04.09:15-17:00HG E 33.1 »
09:15-17:00HG E 33.3 »
09:15-17:00HG E 33.5 »
P. Wolf
363-0887-00LManagement Research Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Participation to both sessions are mandatory to receive the credit, there will be no exceptions.
If a student can't take part in one of the sessions, the course has to be taken the following semester.

The course is mandatory for MSc. students and recommended for MAS students who write their Master Thesis at the Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation.
363-0887-00 SManagement Research Für Fachstudierende und Hörer/-innen ist eine Spezialbewilligung der Dozierenden notwendig.
Block course
12s Std.
24.02.09:15-17:00ML H 37.1 »
10.03.09:15-17:00LEE E 101 »
N. Geilinger
363-1000-00LFinancial EconomicsW3 KP2V
363-1000-00 VFinancial Economics
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
2 Std.A. Bommier
363-1017-00LRisk and Insurance EconomicsW4 KP3V
363-1017-00 VRisk and Insurance Economics
Bi-weekly problem set classes starting mid-March on thursdays from 17-19 h.
3 Std.
Mi17:15-19:00LFW B 1 »
Do17:15-19:00HG D 1.1 »
30.03.17:15-19:00HG D 1.2 »
04.05.17:15-19:00HG D 1.1 »
W. Mimra
363-1031-00LQuantitative Methods in Energy and Environmental EconomicsW4 KP3G
363-1031-00 GQuantitative Methods in Energy and Environmental Economics
Lecture 10:00-12:00, Exercise: 13:00-15:00 (irregular)
3 Std.
Mo10:15-12:00ETZ E 9 »
Di13:15-15:00LEE E 101 »
15.05.12:15-13:00ETZ E 9 »
22.05.09:15-10:00ETZ E 9 »
12:15-13:00ETZ E 9 »
29.05.09:15-10:00ETZ E 9 »
12:15-13:00ETZ E 9 »
S. Rausch, A. L. Martinez Cruz
363-1060-00LStrategies for Sustainable Business Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Limited number of participants

Registration will only be effective once confirmed by email from the organizers.
363-1060-00 SStrategies for Sustainable Business Für Fachstudierende und Hörer/-innen ist eine Spezialbewilligung der Dozierenden notwendig.
Block course:
24.3.17, 31.3.17, 7.4.17, 9-17 h
21s Std.
24.03.09:15-17:00LEE E 101 »
31.03.09:15-17:00ML H 37.1 »
07.04.09:15-17:00LEE E 101 »
A. Brophy, J. Hoppmann, J. Meuer
363-1091-00LSocial Data ScienceW3 KP2V + 1U
363-1091-00 VSocial Data Science2 Std.
Do13:15-15:00HG D 5.2 »
D. Garcia Becerra
363-1091-00 USocial Data Science1 Std.
Do17:15-18:00HG D 5.2 »
D. Garcia Becerra
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