Suchergebnis: Lehrveranstaltungen im Frühjahrssemester 2017

Maschineningenieurwissenschaften Master Information
Energy, Flows and Processes
151-0106-00LOrbital DynamicsW4 KP3G
151-0106-00 GOrbital Dynamics3 Std.
Di10:15-13:00ML F 39 »
A. A. Kubik
151-0110-00LCompressible FlowsW4 KP2V + 1U
151-0110-00 VCompressible Flows
English textbook recommended
2 Std.
Do08:15-10:00ML F 39 »
J.‑P. Kunsch
151-0110-00 UCompressible Flows1 Std.
Mi13:15-14:00ML F 38 »
J.‑P. Kunsch
151-0114-00LTurbulence ModelingW4 KP2V + 1U
151-0114-00 VTurbulence Modeling2 Std.
Di14:15-16:00CAB G 56 »
D. W. Meyer-Massetti
151-0114-00 UTurbulence Modeling1 Std.
Di16:15-17:00CAB G 56 »
D. W. Meyer-Massetti
151-1115-00LAusgewählte Kapitel der FlugtechnikW4 KP3G
151-1115-00 GAusgewählte Kapitel der Flugtechnik3 Std.
Mi15:15-17:00ML F 34 »
17:15-18:00ML F 34 »
J. Wildi
151-0116-10LHigh Performance Computing for Science and Engineering (HPCSE) for Engineers II Information W4 KP4G
151-0116-00 GHigh Performance Computing for Science and Engineering (HPCSE) II
Lecture: 13-15h
Exercises: 10-12h
The exercises begin in the second week of the semester.
4 Std.
Mo10:15-12:00HG G 3 »
13:15-15:00HG E 26.1 »
13:15-15:00HG E 5 »
P. Chatzidoukas, K. Papadimitriou
151-0156-00LSafety of Nuclear Power Plants Information W4 KP2V + 1U
151-0156-00 VSafety of Nuclear Power Plants2 Std.
Di10:15-12:00ML F 34 »
H.‑M. Prasser, V. Dang, L. Podofillini
151-0156-00 USafety of Nuclear Power Plants
Teaching language: German or English
1 Std.
Di12:15-13:00ML F 34 »
H.‑M. Prasser, V. Dang, L. Podofillini
151-0160-00LNuclear Energy SystemsW4 KP2V + 1U
151-0160-00 VNuclear Energy Systems2 Std.
Do10:15-12:00HG D 16.2 »
H.‑M. Prasser, I. Günther-Leopold, S. Hirschberg, W. Hummel, P. K. Zuidema
151-0160-00 UNuclear Energy Systems1 Std.
Do12:15-13:00HG D 1.1 »
12:15-13:00HG D 16.2 »
H.‑M. Prasser, I. Günther-Leopold, S. Hirschberg, W. Hummel, P. K. Zuidema
151-0166-00LSpecial Topics in Reactor PhysicsW4 KP3G
151-0166-00 GSpecial Topics in Reactor Physics
**together with EPFL**
3 Std.
Mi10:15-13:00ML H 41.1 »
S. Pelloni, K. Mikityuk, A. Pautz
151-0184-00LAdvances in Radiative Heat TransferW1 KP1G
151-0184-00 GAdvances in Radiative Heat Transfer
This short course takes place 22-26 May, 14:00-17:00, with a 2-hour lecture and a 1-hour tutorial per day. The location of the course will be given in the beginning of the Semester.
15s Std.
22.05.14:15-17:00ML H 37.1 »
23.05.14:15-17:00ML H 37.1 »
24.05.14:15-17:00ML H 37.1 »
26.05.14:15-17:00ML H 37.1 »
W. S. Lipinski
151-0204-00LAerospace PropulsionW4 KP2V + 1U
151-0204-00 VAerospace Propulsion2 Std.
Do10:15-12:00ML F 34 »
R. S. Abhari, N. Chokani
151-0204-00 UAerospace Propulsion1 Std.
Do12:15-13:00ML F 34 »
R. S. Abhari, N. Chokani
151-0211-00LConvective Heat TransportW5 KP4G
151-0211-00 GConvective Heat Transport
The course starts in the second week of the semester.
4 Std.
Mo10:15-13:00ML H 44 »
24.04.10:15-12:00ML H 44 »
H. G. Park
151-0212-00LAdvanced CFD MethodsW4 KP2V + 1U
151-0212-00 VAdvanced CFD Methods2 Std.
Mo15:15-17:00NO C 60 »
P. Jenny
151-0212-00 UAdvanced CFD Methods1 Std.
Mo11:15-12:00NO C 6 »
P. Jenny
151-0214-00LTurbomachinery Mechanics and Dynamics
Prerequisites of this course are listed under "catalogue data".
151-0214-00 GTurbomachinery Mechanics and Dynamics3 Std.
Fr14:15-17:00ML F 36 »
A. Zemp, R. S. Abhari
151-0215-00LIntroduction to Acoustics, Aeroacoustics and ThermoacousticsW4 KP3G
151-0215-00 GIntroduction to Acoustics, Aeroacoustics and Thermoacoustics3 Std.
Di09:15-12:00ML J 34.1 »
N. Noiray
151-0224-00LSynthesis Fuel EngineeringW4 KP3V
151-0224-00 VSynthesis Fuel Engineering3 Std.
Do13:15-16:00ETZ E 8 »
C. Muhich, R. Michalsky
151-0236-00LSingle- and Two-Phase Particulate FlowsW4 KP2V + 1U
151-0236-00 VSingle- and Two-Phase Particulate Flows2 Std.
Fr10:15-12:00LEE D 105 »
C. Müller
151-0236-00 USingle- and Two-Phase Particulate Flows1 Std.
Do15:15-16:00LEE D 105 »
C. Müller
151-0252-00LGasturbinen: Prozesse und Verbrennungssysteme Information W4 KP2V + 1U
151-0252-00 VGasturbinen: Prozesse und Verbrennungssysteme
Teaching language: English on demand
2 Std.
Mo14:15-16:00IFW A 32.1 »
P. Jansohn
151-0252-00 UGasturbinen: Prozesse und Verbrennungssysteme
Teaching language: English on demand
1 Std.
Mo16:15-17:00IFW A 32.1 »
P. Jansohn
151-0254-00LIC-Engines and Propulsion Systems IIW4 KP2V + 1U
151-0254-00 VIC-Engines and Propulsion Systems II2 Std.
Mi10:15-12:00ML J 37.1 »
C. Barro, P. Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler, P. Kyrtatos, Y. Wright
151-0254-00 UIC-Engines and Propulsion Systems II
Die genauen Termine werden den Studenten am Anfang des Semesters mitgeteilt.
1 Std.
Mi12:15-13:00ML J 37.1 »
C. Barro, P. Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler, P. Kyrtatos, Y. Wright
151-0262-00LDiagnostics in Experimental Combustion ResearchW4 KP3G
151-0262-00 GDiagnostics in Experimental Combustion Research3 Std.
Do10:15-13:00ML H 43 »
K. Herrmann, K. Boulouchos, B. Schneider
151-0280-00LAdvanced Techniques for the Risk Analysis of Technical Systems Information W4 KP2V + 1U
151-0280-00 VAdvanced Techniques for the Risk Analysis of Technical Systems2 Std.
Do10:15-12:00LEE D 101 »
24.05.10:15-12:00NO C 44 »
G. Sansavini
151-0280-00 UAdvanced Techniques for the Risk Analysis of Technical Systems1 Std.
Di11:15-12:00LEE D 101 »
G. Sansavini
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