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Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2016)
General Courses in Earth Sciences
651-3321-00LInterpretation of Geological Maps IO2 credits2PM. Frehner
AbstractIntroduction to reading and construction of simple geologic maps.
Construction of geological cross-sections.
Introduction to Lambert projection and Schmidt net (i.e., stereoplots).

This course is mainly a hands-on-training, where students solve exercises under supervision.
ObjectiveTo improve the ability to understand geological structures in three dimensions and visualize them.

Learn how to read and interpret geological maps, as well as drawing geological cross-sections.

Learn the handling of the Schmidt net, so that students can later plot their own field data.
Contentstrike lines, symbols
true and apparent thickness of geological units
true and apparent dip
introduction to the Lambert projection
magmatic structures
Lecture notesExercises and instructions are handed out and are available online in Moodle.
LiteratureSemester literature can be found in the ERDW-library.
Prerequisites / NoticeThis course is not a prerequisite, but nevertheless extremely helpful for the Terrainkurs I & II.
651-3600-00LMicroscopy of Rocks Fundamentals Restricted registration - show details
Only for Earth Sciences BSc, Programme Regulations 2016.

Course with required attendance. Unexcused absence can lead to exclusion from the course.
O2 credits2PM. W. Schmidt, M. G. Fellin
AbstractUse of the polarizing microscope to indentify minerals and to give a rock its proper name. Application of the main optical properties to recognize and name the common rock-forming minerals and structures in magmatic, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.
ObjectiveReady to use the polarisation microscope for a rock series as may e.g. be required in the BSc thesis. Ability to identify unknown minerals on the basis of their optical properies.
Contentsee above
Lecture notesSkript of ~50 pages as handout in 1st lecture
Prerequisites / NoticeFirst course in microscopy. This course is required for all further microscopy courses.

Presence is obligatory !
Obligatory homework
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