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Architecture Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2017)
First Year Examinations
Examination Block 2
052-0803-00LHistory and Theory of Architecture I Information O2 credits2V + 2UT. Avermaete, M. Delbeke, M. Charitonidou, L. Stalder, H. Teerds, P. Ursprung
AbstractIntroduction and overview of the history and theory of architecture from the Renaissance to the eighteenth century. (Prof. Dr. M. Delbeke)
Introduction in the methods and instruments of the history of art and architecture. (Prof. Dr. M. Delbeke, Prof. Dr. L. Stalder, Prof. Dr. P. Unsprung, Prof. Dr. T. Avermaete)
ObjectiveAcquiring basic knowledge of the history of architecture and architectural theory, resp. of the methods and instruments of research into architecture.
Being able to identify the main architectural issues and debates of the period and geography covered in the course.
Acquiring the attitudes and tools to develop a historically informed reading of the built environment.
Acquiring the tools to be able to draw on historical, theoretical and critical research to nourish one's architectural culture.
ContentThe course History and Theory of Architecture I offers a chronological and thematic overview of the architecture and architectural theory produced in Europe from the 15th up to 19th century. Thematic lectures about key questions at play during the period will be combined with the in-depth analysis of historical buildings.
Themes will cover the emergence and development of Vitruvian design theory and practice up to the 19th century, and related issues such as the emergence of the architect; the media of architectural design and practice (drawings, models, building materials); patterns and media of dissemination and influence (micro-architecture, imagery); building types (the palazzo and the villa); questions of beauty and ornament; questions of patronage (e.g. the Roman papacy); the relation of buildings to the city (e.g. the development of European capitals); attitudes towards history (origin myths, historicism); the question of the monument.

The course Fundamentals of the History and Theory of Architecture I consists of different parts, each dealing with a particular area of research into the history of art and architecture
(1) Architecture and the book (M. Delbeke)
(2) Architectural media (L. Stalder).
(3) Architecture and art (P. Ursprung)
(4) Urbanism and the Commons (T. Avermaete)
LiteratureLiterature and handouts will be provided over the course of the term.
Prerequisites / NoticeFor the course History and Theory of Architecture I students will rely on assisted self study to acquire basic knowledge of the canonical history of architecture in Europe.

The exercise is taught in the hybrid mode (Bubbles of 24 students:
1st week: Bubbles 1-5 face-to-face teaching, bubbles 6-10 and 11 - 15 online in studio G41/G61; .
2nd week: Bubbles 6-10 face-to-face teaching, bubbles 11-15 and 1 - 5 online in studio G41/G61;
3. Woche: Bubbles 11-15 face-to-face teaching, bubbles 1-5 and 6 - 10online in studioG41/G61;
4th week equal to 1st week etc.
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