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Mathematics Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2010)
Selection: Algebra, Topology, Discrete Mathematics, Logic
401-3106-17LClass Field TheoryW6 credits2V + 1U
401-3106-17 VClass Field Theory
Starts on 28 February 2017.
2 hrs
Tue13:15-15:00HG F 26.5 »
J. Fresán
401-3106-17 UClass Field Theory
Starts on 2 March 2017.
1 hrs
Thu13:15-14:00HG G 26.3 »
J. Fresán
401-3058-00LCombinatorics IW4 credits2G
401-3058-00 GKombinatorik I2 hrs
Wed17:15-19:00HG E 1.1 »
N. Hungerbühler
401-3112-17LIntroduction to Number TheoryW4 credits2V
401-3112-17 VIntroduction to Number Theory2 hrs
Fri14:15-16:00HG G 3 »
C. Busch
Selection: Geometry
401-4206-17LGroup Actions on TreesW4 credits2V
401-4206-17 VGroup Actions on Trees
starts in the second week of the semester
2 hrs
Tue15:15-17:00HG D 3.2 »
02.05.17:15-18:00HG D 5.2 »
16.05.17:15-18:00HG D 5.2 »
N. Lazarovich
401-4148-17LModuli of Maps and Gromov-Witten invariantsW2 credits4A
401-4148-17 AReading Course: Introduction to the Moduli of Maps and Gromow-Witten Invariants
Meetings start on February 21st
Day: Tuesday
Time: 9-13
Room: CHN G 22
60s hrs
Tue09:15-13:00CHN G 22 »
G. Bérczi
401-3056-00LFinite Geometries IW4 credits2G
401-3056-00 GEndliche Geometrien I
Does not take place this semester.
2 hrsN. Hungerbühler
401-3574-61LIntroduction to Knot Theory Information W6 credits3G
401-3574-61 GIntroduction to Knot Theory
Does not take place this semester.
This course is planned to be offered in the Spring Semester 2019.
3 hrs
Selection: Analysis
401-3352-09LAn Introduction to Partial Differential EquationsW6 credits3V
401-3352-10 VAn Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
No class on 7 April 2017. Will be postponed to 10 May 2017.
3 hrs
Wed10:15-12:00ML F 36 »
Fri10:15-11:00ML F 36 »
10.05.12:15-13:00ML F 36 »
F. Da Lio
401-3496-17LTopics in the Calculus of VariationsW4 credits2V
401-3496-17 VTopics in the Calculus of Variations2 hrs
Wed13:15-15:00HG E 5 »
A. Figalli
Selection: Numerical Analysis
252-0504-00LNumerical Methods for Solving Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems Information W4 credits3G
252-0504-00 GNumerical Methods for Solving Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems
Does not take place this semester.
3 hrsP. Arbenz
Selection: Probability Theory, Statistics
401-3919-60LAn Introduction to the Modelling of ExtremesW4 credits2V
401-3919-60 VAn Introduction to the Modelling of Extremes
Offered for the last time in FS 2017, examination until summer 2018.
2 hrs
Wed13:15-15:00HG D 5.2 »
P. Embrechts
401-6102-00LMultivariate StatisticsW4 credits2G
401-6102-00 GMultivariate Statistics2 hrs
Mon13:15-15:00HG D 7.1 »
N. Meinshausen
401-3822-17LPercolation and Ising ModelW4 credits2V
401-3822-17 VPercolation and Ising Model
in HG G 19.2 with two exceptions:
29 March 2017 in HG D 1.2
26 April 2017 in HG G 26.5
2 hrs
Wed15:15-17:00HG G 19.2 »
29.03.15:15-17:00HG D 1.2 »
26.04.15:15-17:00HG G 26.5 »
V. Tassion
401-3616-17LAn Introduction to Stochastic Partial Differential EquationsW8 credits4G
401-3616-17 GAn Introduction to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations4 hrs
Mon13:15-15:00HG G 26.3 »
Tue15:15-17:00HG G 26.3 »
A. Jentzen
Selection: Financial and Insurance Mathematics
401-3888-00LIntroduction to Mathematical Finance Information
A related course is 401-3913-01L Mathematical Foundations for Finance (3V+2U, 4 ECTS credits). Although both courses can be taken independently of each other, only one will be recognised for credits in the Bachelor and Master degree. In other words, it is not allowed to earn credit points with one for the Bachelor and with the other for the Master degree.
W10 credits4V + 1U
401-3888-00 VIntroduction to Mathematical Finance4 hrs
Mon14:15-16:00HG D 1.1 »
Thu08:15-10:00ML F 36 »
J. Teichmann
401-3888-00 UIntroduction to Mathematical Finance1 hrs
Wed14:15-15:00HG F 26.3 »
15:15-16:00HG E 21 »
J. Teichmann
401-3629-00LQuantitative Risk Management Information W4 credits2V
401-3629-00 VQuantitative Risk Management2 hrs
Thu10:15-12:00HG G 3 »
P. Cheridito
401-3923-00LSelected Topics in Life Insurance MathematicsW4 credits2V
401-3923-00 VSelected Topics in Life Insurance Mathematics2 hrs
Fri16:15-18:00HG D 3.2 »
M. Koller
401-3917-00LStochastic Loss Reserving MethodsW4 credits2V
401-3917-00 VStochastic Loss Reserving Methods2 hrs
Wed16:15-18:00ML E 12 »
24.05.16:15-17:00ML E 12 »
R. Dahms
401-3956-00LEconomic Theory of Financial MarketsW4 credits2V
401-3956-00 VEconomic Theory of Financial Markets2 hrs
Mon16:15-18:00HG D 1.1 »
M. V. Wüthrich
401-4920-00LMarket-Consistent Actuarial ValuationW4 credits2V
401-4920-00 VMarket-Consistent Actuarial Valuation
Does not take place this semester.
2 hrsM. V. Wüthrich
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