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GESS Science in Perspective Information
Only the topics listed in this paragraph can be chosen as GESS Science in Perspective.
Further below you will find the "type B courses Reflections about subject specific methods and content" as well as the language courses.

6 ECTS need to be acquired during the BA and 2 ECTS during the MA

Students who already took a course within their main study program are NOT allowed to take the course again.
Type A: Enhancement of Reflection Competence
Suitable for all students.

Students who already took a course within their main study program are NOT allowed to take the course again.
Political Science
851-0589-00LTechnology and Innovation for DevelopmentW Dr3 credits2V
851-0589-00 VTechnology and Innovation for Development2 hrs
Tue17:15-19:00ML F 36 »
P. Aerni
853-0038-00LSwiss Foreign PolicyW3 credits2V
853-0038-00 VSchweizerische Aussenpolitik2 hrs
Fri15:15-17:00HG D 3.2 »
D. Möckli
853-0047-01LWorld Politics Since 1945: The History of International Relations (Without Exercises)W3 credits2V
853-0047-00 VWeltpolitik seit 1945: Geschichte der internationalen Beziehungen2 hrs
Wed10:15-12:00HG D 1.2 »
A. Wenger
853-0015-01LConflict Research I: Political Violence Information Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2V
853-0015-00 VKonfliktforschung I: Politische Gewalt Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.2 hrs
Wed15:15-17:00IFW A 36 »
S. Rüegger
853-0302-01LEuropean Integration (Seminar without Tutorial)W2 credits2S
853-0302-00 SEuropäische Integration: Seminar2 hrs
Tue09:15-11:00CHN E 42 »
F. Schimmelfennig
860-0023-00LInternational Environmental Politics
Particularly suitable for students of D-ITET, D-USYS
W3 credits2V
860-0023-00 VInternational Environmental Politics2 hrs
Mon17:15-19:00HG E 5 »
T. Bernauer
860-0001-00LPublic Institutions and Policy-Making Processes Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 25.

Priority for MSc Science, Technology, and Policy.
W3 credits3G
860-0001-00 GPublic Institutions and Policy-Making Processes
Does not take place this semester.
Change of semester: This lecture is offered until 2019 in autumn semester. From 2020 on it will be offered in spring semester.
3 hrsT. Bernauer, S. Bechtold, F. Schimmelfennig
363-1094-00LMathematics in Politics and LawW3 credits2V
363-1094-00 VMathematics in Politics and Law2 hrs
Wed13:15-15:00IFW A 36 »
P. Grech
853-0061-00LIntroduction to Cybersecurity PoiticsW3 credits2G
853-0061-00 GEinführung in die Cybersicherheitspolitik2 hrs
Wed15:15-17:00HG E 5 »
A. Wenger, M. Dunn Cavelty
853-8002-00LThe Role of Technology in National and International Security PolicyW3 credits2G
853-8002-00 GDie Rolle von Technologie in nationaler und internationaler Sicherheitspoliitik
Die Lehrveranstaltung beginnt am 24. September.
2 hrs
Tue08:15-10:00IFW A 36 »
A. Wenger, A. Dossi, M. Haas, M. Leese, O. Thränert
851-0101-81LScience, Politics, Ideology: Mapping a Conflict Zone Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30.
W3 credits2S
851-0101-81 SWissenschaft, Politik, Ideologie. Kartierung einer Konfliktzone28s hrs
Mon15:15-17:00IFW E 42 »
18.11.15:15-17:00IFW C 42 »
M. Wulz
363-1049-00LContemporary Conflict Management
The deadline for deregistering expires at the end of the second week of the semester. Students who are still registered after that date, but do not attend the exam, will officially fail the course.
W3 credits2V
363-1049-00 VContemporary Conflict Management
Does not take place this semester.
2 hrs
851-0101-65LRegional Politics of the Arabian Peninsula Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30
W3 credits2V
851-0101-65 VRegional Politics of the Arabian Peninsula
Die Veranstaltung beginnt erst am 04.10.2019.
2 hrs
Fri14:15-16:00LEE C 104 »
04.10.16:15-18:00LEE C 104 »
E. Manea
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