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Physics Bachelor Information
Core Courses
402-0266-00LIntroduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics Information W12 credits4V + 2UK. S. Kirch
AbstractIntroduction to the concepts of nuclear and particle physics.
ObjectiveIntroduction to the concepts of nuclear and particle physics.
Discussion of new theoretical concepts and important experiments, which
brought about major breakthroughs in our understanding of the underlying physics.
Applications of nuclear and particle physics.
Links between particle physics and cosmology.
Content- Building blocks of matter (quarks and leptons) and their interactions (QED, QCD, weak interaction)
- The Standard Model of particle physics und open fundamental questions
- Bound systems (nuclear forces, structure of nuclei, stability)
- Applications of nuclear and particle physics (nuclear fusion and fission)
- Nuclear physics, particle physics and cosmology
Lecture notesMore information and additional material concerning lecture and excersises are collected at
Literature- Povh et al.: Teilchen und Kerne, Springer Verlag 2009
- Henley, Garcia: Subatomic Physics, World Scientific 2007
- Griffith: Introduction to Elementary Particles, Wiley VCH 2008
- Demtroeder: Experimentalphysik IV: Kern- Teilchen- und Astrophysik, Springer Verlag, 1998, 2005

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402-0275-00LQuantum ElectronicsW12 credits4V + 2UU. Keller
AbstractClassical and semi-classical introduction to Quantum Electronics. Mandatory for further elective courses in Quantum Electronics. The field of Quantum Electronics describes propagation of light and its interaction with matter. The emphasis is set on linear pulse and beam propagation in dispersive media, optical anisotropic materials, and waveguides and lasers.
ObjectiveTeach the fundamental building blocks in Quantum Electronics.
ContentWave propagation in dispersive materials
Linear pulse propagation
Reflexion and transmission at an interface
Interference and coherence
Fourier optics
Fundamentals of lasers
Linear wave propagation in anisotropic materials
Waveguides and integrated optics
Lecture notesGerman
Skript will be distributed in class
Saleh, B.E.A., Teich, M.C.; Fundamentals of Photonics, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., newest edition

Additional reference:
Siegman, A.E.; Lasers, University Science Books, Mill Valley, California Latest edition
Prerequisites / NoticeMandatory lecture for physics students

Prerequisits (minimal): vector analysis, differential equations, Fourier transformation
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