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Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Information
Bachelor Studies (Programme Regulations 2010)
Focus Specialization
Energy, Flows and Processes
Focus Coordinator: Prof. Christoph Müller
In order to achieve the required 20 credit points for the Focus Specialization Energy, Flows and Processes you need to choose at least 2 core courses (W+) (HS/FS) and at least 2 of the elective courses (HS/FS), according to the presentation of the Focus Specialisation (see Link). One course can be selected among all the courses offered by D-MAVT (Bachelors and Masters).
151-0123-00LExperimental Methods for EngineersW+4 credits2V + 2UD. J. Norris, F. Coletti, M. Lukatskaya, A. Manera, G. Nagamine Gomez, B. Schuermans, O. Supponen, M. Tibbitt
151-0293-00LCombustion and Reactive Processes in Energy and Materials TechnologyW+4 credits2V + 1U + 2AN. Noiray, F.  Ernst, C. E. Frouzakis
151-0221-00LIntroduction to Modeling and Optimization of Sustainable Energy SystemsW4 credits4GG. Sansavini, A. Bardow
151-0109-00LTurbulent FlowsW4 credits2V + 1UP. Jenny
151-0913-00LIntroduction to PhotonicsW4 credits2V + 2UR. Quidant, J. Ortega Arroyo
151-0917-00LMass TransferW4 credits2V + 2US. E. Pratsinis, V. Mavrantzas, C.‑J. Shih
151-0973-00LIntroduction to Process EngineeringW4 credits2V + 2UF. Donat, C. Müller
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