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Earth Sciences Master Information
Major in Geology
Restricted Choice Modules Geology
A minimum of two restricted choice modules must be completed for the major Geology.
Sedimentology: Compulsory Courses
651-4150-00LSedimentary Rocks and Processes Information
Geography and Earth System Sciences students UZH may attend this field course at full costs (no subsidies).

No registration through myStudies. The registration for excursions and field courses goes through only.
O4 credits3PV. Picotti, S. Willett
AbstractStudents will be trained for 10 days in the field analysis of sedimentary rocks. They will learn how to measure sections, they will combine facies analysis with analysis of sedimentary structures in the field. The area of study selected for this course changes from year to year.
ObjectiveThe students will be able to analyse and describe marine sedimentary rocks in the field and they will be able to reconstruct their depositional setting.
ContentThe students will learn how to analyze sedimentary rocks in the field. The field course will include investigations of marine carbonates and siliciclastics in an alpine setting.
LiteratureWill be distributed before the course
Prerequisites / NoticeBSc in Earth Sciences
Some experience in geological field mapping (Geological Field Course 1 and 2 or equivalent)
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