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Food Science Master Information
Safety and Quality in Agri-Food Chain
751-1000-00LInterdisciplinary Project Restricted registration - show details
Only for Master Students in Agricultural Sciences and Food Sciences.

Prerequisite: successful completion of the bachelor programme.
W4 credits4UB. Dorn, E. Frossard, C. Hartmann, M. Schuppler, H. Adelmann, J. Anderegg, J. Baumgartner, U. Brändle, M. Erzinger, T. Fleischmann, I. Gangnat, A. K. Gilgen, G. Kaufmann, L. Kronenberg, M. Maurhofer Bringolf, C. E. Pohl, A. Walter, M. Wiggenhauser, S. Wimmer
751-3402-00LPlant Nutrition II - Integrated Nutrient Management Restricted registration - show details
Only for Students in BSc/MSc Agricultural Sciences and Students in MSc Environmental or Food Sciences.
Number of participants limited to 40.
W2 credits2VE. Frossard, A. Oberson Dräyer, M. Wiggenhauser
751-4902-00LModern Pesticides - Mode of Action, Residues and Environmental Fate Information W2 credits2VT. Poiger, M. E. Balmer, I. J. Bürge
752-2302-00LMilk Science Information W1 credit1VJ. Berard, C. Lacroix
752-3024-00LHygienic DesignW2 credits2GJ. Hofmann
752-4010-00LProblems and Solutions in Food Microbiology Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 28.

Prerequisites: It is essential to have a basic knowledge in General Microbiology and Food Microbiology. If students have not taken appropriate courses, it is strongly recommended to consult with the lecturer before attending this seminar.
W3 credits1GM. Loessner, J. Klumpp, M. Schmelcher
752-5106-00LMeat Technology Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 40

The course will only be held with a minimum of 25 participants.

Prerequisite: Participation in "Quality of Products of Animal Origin" (751-7800-00L, course regularly offered during the spring semester).
W1 credit1GM. Kreuzer, A. Kilchör
752-1202-00LFood Safety and Quality ManagementW3 credits2GT. Gude
751-7800-00LQuality of Products of Animal Origin Information W2 credits2GM. Kreuzer, K. Giller, M. Terranova
751-0021-01LWorld Food System Summer School (FS) Restricted registration - show details
Only a strictly limited number of places are available for ETH students in this program.

Participation in this course is based on a competitive application process, only selected students can participate. Details of the application process are available at
W Dr4 credits6PM. Grant, N. Buchmann
751-4204-01LHorticultural Science: Case Studies Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 24
W2 credits2GL. Bertschinger, A. Bühlmann, C. Carlen, M. Lutz, A. Näf, V. J. U. Zufferey
751-1555-00LEmpirical Agricultural EconomicsW3 credits2GD. J. Wüpper, S. Wimmer
751-5500-00LSimulations and Sensors in Agri-Food Supply Chains Restricted registration - show details W3 credits2GT. Defraeye
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