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Food Science Bachelor Information
2. Semester
First Year Examinations
529-2002-02LChemistry IIO5 credits2V + 2UW. Uhlig, J. E. E. Buschmann, S. Canonica, P. Funck, H. Grützmacher, E. C. Meister, R. Verel
401-0252-00LMathematics IIO7 credits5V + 2UA. Cannas da Silva
551-0002-00LGeneral Biology II Restricted registration - show details O4 credits4GU. Sauer, R. Aebersold, W. Gruissem
751-0270-00LSystematics and Ecology of Alge and FungiO2 credits2GM. Maurhofer Bringolf
751-0280-00LCrops in the World Food SystemO2 credits2VA. Walter, A. Lüscher, U. Scheidegger
751-0282-00LAnimal Sciences in the World Food SystemO2 credits2VS. E. Ulbrich, S. Thanner
851-0708-00LIntroduction to Law
Introduction to Law as GESS Compulsory Elective Course:
Students who have attended or will attend the lecture "Introduction to Law for Architecture" (851-0703-01L), "Introduction to Law for Civil Engineering" (851-0703-03L) or " Introduction to Law" (851-0703-00) , cannot register for this course unit.

Particularly suitable for students of D-HEST, D-MAVT, D-MATL, D-USYS.
O2 credits2VA. Stremitzer
Basic Courses II: Examination Block 1
402-0062-00LPhysics IO5 credits3V + 1UA. Vaterlaus
Field Trips
751-0304-00LExcursions in the World Food System Restricted registration - show details
Only for Agricultural Science BSc and Food Science BSc.
O1 credit2PB. Dorn, H. Adelmann
4. Semester
Basic Courses II: Examination Block 2
752-0150-00LAgricultural Economics in the World Food System - Food Sciences Restricted registration - show details
Only for Food Science Bachelor.
O3 credits2V + 1AD. J. Wüpper
701-0206-00LSelected Topics of Physical ChemistryO2 credits2GP. Funck
752-6306-00LPhysiology and Anatomy IIO3 credits2VD. Burdakov
551-1420-00LMolecular BiologyO2 credits2GD. Santelia, J. Fütterer
Basics of Food Science
Courses in the category 'Basics of Food Science' are offered in the 3., 4. and 5. semester of the Bachelor programme in Food Science.
752-1101-00LFood Analysis IW+3 credits2VL. Nyström, S. Boulos, M. Erzinger
752-2001-00LFood Technology Restricted registration - show details
The lecture is mainly in German.
W+3 credits3GR. Perren, S. Bolisetty, V. Lutz Bueno
752-3000-00LFood Process Engineering IW+4 credits3VE. J. Windhab
Food Science General Courses
Offers in the third Bachelor year
Food Science Laboratory Practice
752-1004-00LLaboratory Course in Food Chemistry Restricted registration - show details
Prerequisite: Students may only enrol once they have followed the courses Food Chemistry I (752-1000-00L) and Food Analysis I (752-1101-00L).

Number of participants limited to 60.
W+3 credits4PL. Nyström, M. Erzinger
752-0400-00LMicroscopy Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 50.
W1 credit2PG. H. Dasen
752-0020-00LExcursions I Restricted registration - show details
Only for students enrolled in the study program Food Science BSc 4th semester.
O1 credit2PL. Nyström
6. Semester
Food Science General Courses
752-3002-00LFood Process Engineering IIIW+3 credits3GP. Braun, W. Hanselmann
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