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Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Information
5. Semester
Focus Specialization
Microsystems and Nanoscale Engineering
Focus Coordinator: Prof. Christofer Hierold
151-0604-00LMicrorobotics Information W4 credits3GB. Nelson
151-0619-00LIntroduction to Nanoscale Engineering Restricted registration - show details
This class is strictly only for BSc MAVT student.
W5 credits2V + 3PR. Büchel, V. Mavrantzas, A. Teleki Sotiriou
151-0621-00LMicrosystems I: Process Technology and Integration Information W+6 credits3V + 3UM. Haluska, C. Hierold
151-0643-00LStudies on Micro and Nano Systems
Please contact one of the following professors directly:
J. Dual, C. Hierold, B. Nelson, D. Norris, D. Poulikakos, S.E. Pratsinis and A. Stemmer

This course is not available to incoming exchange students.
W+5 credits11AProfessors
151-0911-00LIntroduction to PlasmonicsW4 credits2V + 1UD. J. Norris
151-0135-00LAdditional Case for the Focus Specialization Restricted registration - show details
Exclusive for D-MAVT Bachelor's students in Focus Specialization.
For enrollment, please contact the D-MAVT Student Administration.
W1 credit2AProfessors
151-0237-00LAdvanced Optical Methods in Nanotechnology Information W4 credits2V + 1UH. Eghlidi
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