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Mathematics Bachelor Information
Compulsory Courses
Examination Block I
In Examination Block I either the course unit 402-2883-00L Physics III or the course unit 402-2203-01L Classical Mechanics must be chosen and registered for an examination. (Students may also enrol for the other of the two course units; within the ETH Bachelor's programme in mathematics, this other course unit cannot be registered in myStudies for an examination nor can it be recognised for the Bachelor's degree.)
401-2303-00LComplex Analysis Information O6 credits3V + 2UR. Pandharipande
401-2333-00LMethods of Mathematical Physics IO6 credits3V + 2UH. Knörrer
402-2883-00LPhysics IIIW7 credits4V + 2UJ. Home
402-2203-01LClassical MechanicsW7 credits4V + 2UN. Beisert
252-0851-00LAlgorithms and ComplexityO4 credits2V + 1UA. Steger
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