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Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Information
1. Semester
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First Year Examinations: Compulsory Courses
401-0261-G0LAnalysis I Information O8 credits5V + 3UA. Steiger
401-0171-00LLinear Algebra IO3 credits2V + 1UN. Hungerbühler
151-0501-00LMechanics 1: Kinematics and StaticsO5 credits3V + 2UE. Mazza
151-0711-00LEngineering Materials and Production IO4 credits4GK. Wegener
151-0301-00LMachine ElementsO2 credits1V + 1UM. Meboldt, Q. Lohmeyer
529-0010-00LChemistryO3 credits2V + 1UC. Mondelli, A. de Mello
Additional First Year Courses
151-0321-00LTechnical Drawing and CAD Restricted registration - show details
Only for Mechanical Engineering BSc.
O4 credits4GK. Shea
First Year Optional Colloquia
151-0501-02LMechanics 1: Kinematics and Statics (Colloquium)Z0 credits1KE. Mazza
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