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Architecture Bachelor Information
First Year Basic Courses
First Year Examinations
Examination Block 1
051-0112-00LArchitecture II Information O1 credit2VC. Kerez, H. Frei
051-0152-00LArchitectural Technology II Information O1 credit2VA. Spiro, D. Fiederling
051-0212-01LArchitecture and Art II Information O1 credit2VK. Sander
Examination Block 2
051-0412-00LStructural Design II Information O4 credits4GP. Block, J. Schwartz
051-0854-00LBuilding Physics I: Heat and Acoustics Information O2 credits3GJ. Carmeliet, M. Ettlin
051-0812-00LSociology II Information O1 credit2GM. Streule Ulloa Nieto, M. A. Glaser, R. Nüssli
Examination Block 3
051-0332-00LHistory and Theory of Architecture VII: Ancient and Medieval Architecture Information O4 credits4GM. Delbeke, B. Nicolai
851-0636-00LEconomics IIO2 credits2GP. Schellenbauer
401-0002-00LMathematics IIO2 credits2GM. Leupp
Subjects with Semester Grade
051-0212-02LArchitecture and Art II (2-Semester Course, Excercise) Information O8 credits6UK. Sander
051-0130-00LArchitectural Design II (2-Semester-Course, Exercise) Information Restricted registration - show details O8 credits6UC. Kerez, D. Budik, C. E. Scheidegger
051-0132-00LArchitectural Technology II (2-Semester Course, Exercise) Information Restricted registration - show details O8 credits6UA. Spiro
Second and Third Year Basic Courses
Examination Blocks
Examination Block 1
051-0114-00LArchitecture IV Information O1 credit2VT. Emerson
051-0154-00LArchitectural Technology IV Information
This course is offered the last time in FS18.
O2 credits2VA. Deplazes
051-0160-00LUrban Design II
This course is offered the last time in FS18.
O1 credit2VA. Brillembourg, H. Klumpner
Examination Block 2
051-0414-00LStructural Design IV Information
This course is offered the last time in FS18.
O3 credits3GJ. Schwartz, P. Block
051-0520-00LBuilding Physics III: Energy and Comfort, Urban Physics Information
This course is offered the last time in FS18.
O3 credits3GJ. Carmeliet, J. Allegrini
051-0552-00LEnergy- and Climate Systems II Information
Diese Lehrveranstaltung wird im FS18 zum letzten Mal angeboten.
O2 credits2GA. Schlüter, D. Tschudy
851-0702-01LPublic Construction Law
Particularly suitable for students of D-BAUG
W2 credits2VO. Bucher
851-0712-00LIntroduction to Public Law (French)W2 credits2VY. Nicole
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