151-0640-00L  Studies on Mechatronics

SemesterHerbstsemester 2022
Periodizitätjedes Semester wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
KommentarDie Professoren, die Studies on Mechatronics betreuen, sind im myStudies bei Belegung des Fachs wählbar.
Für Ausnahmen bitte den Fokus Koordinator und info@mavt.ethz.ch kontaktieren.
Dieser Kurs steht für Austauschstudierende nicht zur Verfügung.

KurzbeschreibungOverview of Mechatronics topics and study subjects. Identification of minimum 10 pertinent refereed articles or works in the literature in consultation with supervisor or instructor. After 4 weeks, submission of a 2-page proposal outlining the value, state-of-the art and study plan based on these articles. After feedback on the substance and technical writing by the instructor, project commences.
LernzielThe students are familiar with the challenges of the fascinating and interdisciplinary field of Mechatronics and Mikrosystems. They are introduced in the basics of independent non-experimental scientific research and are able to summarize and to present the results efficiently.
InhaltThe students work independently on a study of selected topics in the field of Mechatronics or Microsystems. They start with a selection of scientific papers to continue literature research. The results (e.g. state-of-the-art, methods) are evaluated with respect to predefined criteria. Then the results are presented in an oral presentation and summarized in a report, which takes the discussion of the presentation into account.
Literaturwill be available