061-0141-21L  Foundation Studio I

SemesterHerbstsemester 2021
DozierendeG. Vogt
Periodizitätjährlich wiederkehrende Veranstaltung
KommentarOnly for Landscape Architecture MSc.
Classes and critiques are held in English and German.

KurzbeschreibungThe course introduces to the subject and complexity of the urbanized landscape and teaches the critical engagement with the challenges and potentials of current tendencies in Landscape Architecture. On the basis of theoretical inputs and short design exercises the students will develop analythical, methodical and design skills.
LernzielStudents acquire basic analytical, design and methodological skills in the field of Landscape Architecture.
InhaltThe Foundation Studio I will be dealing with the urban territory of Basel in autumn semester 2021. The complexity of the region with its rich variety of geology and vegetation, the political boarders and an urge for urban renewal will be the background for the development of the design projects. The semester is composed of six modules, which are linked to the respective fundamental course, and a synthesis module:

Module 1 “Climate”, 20.–24.09.20201

Module 2 “Water”, 27.09.–1.10.2021

Module 3 “Soil”, 4.10.–8.10.21

Module 4 “Ecology and Plant Sciences”, 11.10.–22.10.21

Module 5 “Designing with Plants I”, 1.11.–12.11.21

Module 6 “Materials and Construction I”, 15.11.–26.11.21

Module “Synthesis”, 29.11.–22.12.21

In addition to the design professors, external experts of diverse fields will advise and support the students during the development of their design. The organization of the course intends to have lectures and other theoretical inputs in the morning (fundamental courses) and to deal with the same topics in more discursive way in the design studio in the afternoon.
SkriptThe workbook will be handed in during the first semester week.
LiteraturThe relevant literature is included in the workbook.
Voraussetzungen / Besonderes- Final Critique: during the week 20.12.2021-23.12.2021

- The weekly schedule is published on the course website (and is included in the reader).

- Classes (and critiques) are held in English and German.
Fachspezifische KompetenzenKonzepte und Theoriengeprüft
Verfahren und Technologiengeprüft
Methodenspezifische KompetenzenAnalytische Kompetenzengeprüft
Medien und digitale Technologiengeprüft
Soziale KompetenzenKommunikationgeprüft
Kooperation und Teamarbeitgefördert
Menschenführung und Verantwortunggefördert
Selbstdarstellung und soziale Einflussnahmegeprüft
Sensibilität für Vielfalt geprüft
Persönliche KompetenzenAnpassung und Flexibilitätgeprüft
Kreatives Denkengeprüft
Kritisches Denkengeprüft
Integrität und Arbeitsethikgeprüft
Selbstbewusstsein und Selbstreflexion geprüft
Selbststeuerung und Selbstmanagement geprüft