875-0101-00L  Technology, Society, Markets and the State

SemesterFrühjahrssemester 2021
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875-0101-00 GTechnology, Society, Markets and the State
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T. Schmidt


KurzbeschreibungTechnological innovation is seldom entirely market-driven but often requires policy intervention. This module will introduce the participants into the literature that aims to understand technology and the underlying markets and its interaction with policy and its underlying politics. Besides an academic perspective, it will introduce practitioners working at the technology-policy interface.
Participants understand (1) what public policy and policy analysis are, (2) why policy analysis is important for evidence-based policy-making, (3) how policy analysis is undertaken in a consulting firm, and (4) they learn from each other for which current professional challenges policy analysis will be useful.
Technology, Society, Markets, and the State:
Participants understand (1) what the key technological innovations in history have been, (2) how technological innovation unfolds and what factors drive it or slow it down, (3) what role the state (public policy, regulatory frameworks), markets (consumers, firms), and other stakeholders play in this regard.
Political Institutions and Policy-Making Processes:
Understand (1) how electoral systems, legislatures, government, public administrations, the judiciary, and interest groups function and shape policy choices, (2) the role of law, law-making, and law enforcement in modern societies, (3) how the European Union and international organisations decide on and implement policies.
Workshops with Practioners:
Participants understand how the consulting firm INFRAS analyses and develops policy solutions by gaining insight into several of their case studies.
Participants understand how private sector firms seek to shape public policies, based on the case of Swiss Re's efforts to establish an earthquake insurance.
LiteraturCourse materials can be found on Moodle.


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