402-0083-00L  Physics I

SemesterAutumn Semester 2021
LecturersK. S. Kirch
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionGerman

AbstractThis course is an introduction to classical physics, with special focus on applications in medicine.
ObjectiveObtain an understanding of basic concepts in classical physics and their application (using mathematical pre-knowledge) to the solution of simple problems, including certain applications in medicine.
Obtain an understanding of relevant quantities and of orders of magnitude.
ContentGeneral introduction; Positron-Emission-Tomography as appetizer, including ionising radiation; kinematics of a point mass; dynamics of a point mass (Newton's axioms and forces); physical work, power and energy; conservation of linear and angular momentum; oscillations and waves; mechanics of a rigid body; fluid mechanics; introduction to electricity.
Lecture notesWill be distributed at the start of the semester.
Literature"Physik für Mediziner, Biologen, Pharmazeuten", von Alfred Trautwein, Uwe Kreibig, Jürgen Hüttermann; De Gruyter Verlag.
Prerequisites / NoticeVoraussetzung Mathematik I+II (Studiengänge Gesundheitswissenschaften und Technologie bzw. Humanmedizin) / Mathematik-Lehrveranstaltungen des Basisjahres (Studiengänge Chemie, Chemieingenieurwissenschaften bzw. Interdisziplinäre Naturwissenschaften)