063-0807-22L  History and Theory of Architecture IX: Coming Home - Stories in Architectural Theory

SemesterAutumn Semester 2022
LecturersM. Gnehm
Periodicityyearly recurring course
Language of instructionEnglish


063-0807-22 VHistory and Theory of Architecture IX: Coming Home - Stories in Architectural Theory
No course 28.10. (seminar week) and in the last two semester weeks (final critiques).
Course languages: English and German.
1 hrs
Fri11:45-12:30HIL E 3 »
M. Gnehm

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AbstractThe lecture course discusses architecture and literature in its diverse relations: Stories as moments when architecture comes to life, the writing of architectural history and theory and literary writing. The focus aims at the notion of home and its discontents.
ObjectiveThe objective of the course is to provide knowledge of literary aspects for an architectural practice committed to create spaces for living.
ContentComing home has dubious connotations in wartime. Rilke’s poetizing of the residents’ traces visible due to the missing façade of a condemned house has a different impact when associated with a shelled building. Perhaps home is a place where stories intertwine in ways that affect one’s quest for identity in a nuclear and explosive manner. What is an architectural home? What is home in the history and theory of architecture? Is public space the opposite of private housing? Cosmopolitism the opposite of regionalism? Stories intersect these poles. They are both architecture’s immaterial and real side. The lecture course discusses these issues through glimpses into texts by natural-born writers like Kafka, Joyce, Munro, Didion or Danielewski, by engineers like Musil, by musicians like Cage, by architects like Frisch and Burger. Tschumi’s detective stories encounter Koolhaas’s citationist joy in the wake of poststructuralist or deconstructionist recourses to the Freudian uncanny.
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