Fabio Sigrist: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2017

NameHerr Prof. Dr. Fabio Sigrist
(Professor Hochschule Luzern (HSLU))
Hochschule Luzern
Suurstoffi 1
6343 Rotkreuz
Telefon+41 41 757 67 61

401-3628-14LBayesian Statistics4 KP2VF. Sigrist
KurzbeschreibungIntroduction to the Bayesian approach to statistics: Decision theory, prior distributions, hierarchical Bayes models, Bayesian tests and model selection, empirical Bayes, computational methods, Laplace approximation, Monte Carlo and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods.
LernzielStudents understand the conceptual ideas behind Bayesian statistics and are familiar with common techniques used in Bayesian data analysis.
InhaltTopics that we will discuss are:

Difference between the frequentist and Bayesian approach (decision theory, principles), priors (conjugate priors, Jeffreys priors), tests and model selection (Bayes factors, hyper-g priors in regression),hierarchical models and empirical Bayes methods, computational methods (Laplace approximation, Monte Carlo and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods)
SkriptA script will be available in English.
LiteraturChristian Robert, The Bayesian Choice, 2nd edition, Springer 2007.

A. Gelman et al., Bayesian Data Analysis, 3rd edition, Chapman & Hall (2013).

Additional references will be given in the course.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesFamiliarity with basic concepts of frequentist statistics and with basic concepts of probability theory (random variables, joint and conditional distributions, laws of large numbers and central limit theorem) will be assumed.