Martin Ralf Oswald: Courses in Autumn Semester 2020

Name Dr. Martin Ralf Oswald
Professur für Informatik
ETH Zürich, CNB G 103.2
Universitätstrasse 6
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 83 77
DepartmentComputer Science

263-5905-00LMixed Reality Laboratory Information
This only applies to Study Regulations 09: In the Master Programme max. 10 credits can be accounted by Labs on top of the Interfocus Courses. Additional Labs will be listed on the Addendum.
10 credits9P
263-5905-00 PMixed Reality Laboratory9 hrs
Tue16:15-19:00LFW C 5 »
F. Bogo, M. R. Oswald