Helge Fuchs: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2017

Name Dr. Helge Fuchs
DepartmentCivil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

101-1249-00LHydraulics of Engineering Structures3 credits2GH. Fuchs, I. Albayrak, L. Schmocker
AbstractHydraulic fundamentals are applied to hydraulic structures for wastewater, flood protection and hydropower. Typical case studies from engineering practice are further described.
ObjectiveUnderstanding and quantification of fundamental hydraulic processes with particular focus on hydraulic structures for wastewater, flood protection and hydropower
Content1. Introduction & Basic equations
2. Losses in flow & Maximum discharge
3. Uniform flow & Critical flow
4. Hydraulic jump and stilling basin
5. Backwater curves
6. Weirs/End overfalls & Venturi
7. Sideweir & Sidechannel
8. Bottom opening & Culverts, throttling pipes, inverted siphons
9. Fall manholes & Vortex drop
10. Supercritical flow & Special manholes
11. Air/water flows and bottom outlets
12. Vegetated flows - Introduction
13. Vegetated flows - Application
14. Summary & Preparation for examination
Lecture notesText books

Hager, W.H. (2010). Wastewater hydraulics. Springer: New York.
LiteratureExhaustive references are contained in the suggested text book.