Manfred Einsiedler: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2019

Award: The Golden Owl
Name Prof. Dr. Manfred Einsiedler
Professur für Mathematik
ETH Zürich, HG G 64.2
Rämistrasse 101
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 31 84
RelationshipFull Professor

401-0131-00LLinear Algebra7 credits4V + 2UM. Einsiedler, O. Sorkine Hornung
AbstractIntroduction to linear algebra (vector spaces, linear transformations, matrices) , matrix decompositions (LU, QR, eigenvalue and singular value decomposition).
ObjectiveDie Lernziele sind:
- die fundamentalen Konzepte der linearen Algebra gut zu verstehen und anwenden zu können
- Anwendungen der linearen Algebra kennenzulernen
ContentLinear Algebra:
Linear systems of equations, vectors and matrices, norms and scalar products, LU decomposition, vector spaces and linear transformations, least squares problems, QR decomposition, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, singular value decomposition, applications.
Lecture notesLecture notes "Linear Algebra" (by Gutknecht) in German, with English expressions for all technical terms.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe relevant high school material is reviewed briefly at the beginning.
401-4460-69LFunctional Analysis III, Unitary Representations Restricted registration - show details
Limited number of participants.
Please contact
4 credits2SM. Einsiedler, further speakers
AbstractThe seminar is aimed at students having mastered (abelian) spectral theory and will discuss Unitary Representations and Unitary Duals. To get further into the theory the seminar is accompanied by a reading class with a second regular meeting every week. We will use the material
Prerequisites / NoticePrerequisites: Functional analysis II, spectral theory of abelian C*-algebras as discussed in the FA II course in spring 2019.

The students are required to also take the reading course accompanying the seminar.
401-4461-69LReading Course: Functional Analysis III, Unitary Representations
Limited number of participants.
Please contact
3 credits6AM. Einsiedler, further speakers
401-5370-00LErgodic Theory and Dynamical Systems Information 0 credits1KM. Akka Ginosar, M. Einsiedler, University lecturers
AbstractResearch colloquium
401-5530-00LGeometry Seminar Information 0 credits1KM. Einsiedler, P. Feller, U. Lang, A. Sisto, University lecturers
AbstractResearch colloquium