Sven Panke: Courses in Autumn Semester 2019

Name Prof. Dr. Sven Panke
FieldBioprocess Engineering
Bioverfahrenstechnik, Panke
ETH Zürich, BSA M 740
Mattenstr. 26
4058 Basel
Telephone+41 61 387 32 09
DepartmentBiosystems Science and Engineering
RelationshipFull Professor

636-0107-00LMicrobial Biotechnology4 credits3G
636-0107-00 GMicrobial Biotechnology
Does not take place this semester.
This lecture will be offered again in spring semester 2020
3 hrsS. Panke
636-0507-00LSynthetic Biology II Restricted registration - show details
Students in the MSc Programme Biotechnology (Programme Regulation 2017) may select Synthetic Biology II instead of the Research Project 1.
8 credits4A
636-0507-00 ASynthetic Biology II
Permission from lecturers required for all students.
4 hrsby appt.S. Panke, Y. Benenson, J. Stelling