Friedemann Mattern: Courses in Spring Semester 2020

Name Prof. em. Dr. Friedemann Mattern
Zasiusstr. 111
79102 Freiburg
Telephone+49 761 70766547
DepartmentComputer Science
RelationshipProfessor emeritus

252-0312-00LUbiquitous Computing Information 4 credits2V + 1A
252-0312-00 VUbiquitous Computing2 hrs
Tue10:15-12:00CAB G 51 »
C. Holz, F. Mattern, S. Mayer
252-0312-00 AUbiquitous Computing1 hrsC. Holz, F. Mattern, S. Mayer
252-0437-00LDistributed Algorithms Information 5 credits3V + 1A
252-0437-00 VVerteilte Algorithmen
Findet im FS20 zum letzten Mal statt!
3 hrs
Wed09:15-12:00ML F 38 »
F. Mattern
252-0437-00 AVerteilte Algorithmen
Findet im FS20 zum letzten Mal statt!
1 hrsF. Mattern
252-0817-00LDistributed Systems Laboratory Information
In the Master Programme max. 10 credits can be accounted by Labs
on top of the Interfocus Courses. Additional Labs will be listed on the Addendum.
10 credits9P
252-0817-00 PDistributed Systems Laboratory9 hrsby appt.G. Alonso, T. Hoefler, F. Mattern, A. Singla, R. Wattenhofer, C. Zhang
252-0926-00LAdvanced Seminar on Distributed Systems Information Restricted registration - show details 2 credits2S
252-0926-00 SSeminar Verteilte Systeme Special students and auditors need a special permission from the lecturers.
Ort: Seminarraum der Forschungsgruppe
2 hrs
F. Mattern